Orchestra On A Wire - World Premiere at the Darmstadt Summer Course 2018

July 14, 2018

Christina Kubisch: Orchestra On A Wire (2018)

for orchestra, electromagnetic fields, electrical wire, induction headphones and string quartet
Interactive Live Installation

Commission of the Darmstadt Summer Course
World Premiere at the opening event of the Darmstadt Summer Course 2018

14 July 2018, 4 pm
Lichtenbergschule (Kleine Sporthalle)

Further performances: Saturday, 14 July 2018, 5 pm, 6 pm 7 pm; Sunday, 15 July 2018, 12 noon, 1 pm

Orchestra (Recorded): hr-Sinfonieorchester
Quartett (Live): Quartetto Maurice
Sound processing and audio engineering: Eckehard Güther

Normally we perceive an orchestra in its entirety, as a large instrumental body of sound that is still perceived as a unit but sounds different depending on its members, the venue and the music being performed. Orchestra On A Wire attempts to let the audience experience a different way of hearing this body of sound. Christina Kubisch has worked with electromagnetic induction since the early 1980s, a technique in which recorded or live sounds as well as inaudible electromagnetic signals are transmitted via electrical cables. Wearing special headsets developed by the artist, the members of the audience are able to hear different sounds in clearly defined areas and experience different combinations of musical events and instruments.
Supported by Musikfonds

The appearance of Quartetto Maurice in Darmstadt is supported by the Friends of IMD.

New CD with Annea Lockwood

Date of release: March 4, 2018

Christina Kubisch & Annea Lockwood

The secret life of the inaudible

Double CD, Gruenrekorder 180

"The secret life of the inaudible is the first collaborative work of two of the 20th century’s most revered and important female sound artist/electro-acoustic composers Christina Kubisch and Annea Lockwood. Using purely natural sounds, such as Volcanic gas vents, earthquakes, solar oscillations and ultrasonic tree sounds – as well as electromagnetic recordings from light systems and seismic research centers,transmitter systems and others, they build an ultra-vivid, immersive psychoacoustic mass of rare beauty." (Soundohm)

Radio piece: Kettenreaktion

February 24, 2018, at 11:30 pm
hr2-kultur | The Artist's Corner

Christina Kubisch
hr 2018, first broadcast

An MP3 version of the broadcast can be listened to here:

Radio piece: Schall und Klang

October 20, 2017, at 00:05 am
Deutschlandfunk Kultur | Klangkunst

Schall und Klang
Die Experimente des Dirigenten Hermann Scherchen
by Christina Kubisch

With the voices of Hermann Scherchen and Kathrin Röggla
Eckehard Güther: EMS Synthi AKS
Christina Kubisch: elektromagnetic and elektronic sounds, field recordings
sound engineer: Eckehard Güther

production: Deutschlandfunk Kultur 2017 / Studio for Electroacoustic Music at the Akademie der Künste Berlin / Studio Hoppegarten 2017
editor: Marcus Gammel

duration: 48'29"
first broadcast

An MP3 version of the broadcast is available for listening and download on the website of Deutschlandfunk Kultur (see link below).


September 28 to October 1, 2017

Christina Kubisch: LABOR Remix
 (2017) (WP)
16-channel sound installation

as part of the festival
Biennial for Electroacoustic Music and Sound Art

program and festival management: Gregorio García Karma

Akademie der Künste 
Hanseatenweg 10
10557 Berlin-Tiergarten



July 21, 2017 to October 26, 2017

as part of
Ars Electronica in Berlin 2017

This is the sixth time that carmaker Volkswagen and Ars Electronica Linz are working together on a summer exhibition and a lineup of ancillary events being staged in DRIVE Volkswagen Group Forum in Berlin. As always, human beings occupy the focal point of these inquiries into issues at the nexus of art, technology and society. This year, the discussions spotlight new forms of encounter, relationships and the challenges they entail.
Curated by Manuela Naveau and Martin Honzik

DRIVE. Volkswagen Group Forum
Friedrichstraße 84 / Ecke Unter den Linden
10117 Berlin

Cloud & Electrical Walks San Francisco

July 15, 2017 to January 1, 2018

as part of

is SFMOMA’s first large-scale group exhibition centered on the role of sound in contemporary art.
Co-curated by Rudolf Frieling, curator of media arts and Tanya Zimbardo, assistant curator of media arts.

Electrical Walks San Francisco has been included in the permanent collection of SFMOMA.

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art 
151 Third Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

Soundtracks online catalogue
Christina Kubisch @ SFMOMA

Electrical Walks Athens

May 25, 2017

as part of
documenta 14
Listening Space

Listening Space is a program of events that attempts to explore and understand sound outside established hierarchies of music production and performance.

Curated by Paolo Thorsen-Nagel, documenta 14’s Sound and Music Advisor.

Anaxagora 3–5

Electrical Walks Athens

Listening Space

La Serra

May 15 – July 2, 2017

as part of
Silenzi d’alberi

opening: May 14 6:30 pm

curated by Sonia Belfiore and Lucia Longhi

Villa Brandolini
Pieve di Soligo (Treviso)


Electrical Walks Manchester

March 10 and 11, 2017

as part of
Cut & Splice Festival 2017

curated by Distractfold
presented by Sound and Music in partnership with BBC Radio 3

Manchester Ancoats and Northern Quarter
United Kingdom

Concert: Carola Bauckholt / Christina Kubisch – Transformations

Thursday, February 9, 2017, 8:15 pm

Nieuw Ensemble
conducted by Ed Spanjaard

Amsterdam Muziekgebouw

For Carola Bauckholt, a rusty sign or a stuck petrol engine is just as musical as an instrument. Christina Kubisch goes a step further: with special sensors she makes the electromagnetic fields audible that surround us.
Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ asked the two to react to the work of each other. This led to three new compositions premiered by the Nieuw Ensemble on 9 February 2017 at Muziekgebouw aan't IJ, Amsterdam.

Public rehearsal on February 7

12:30 to 12:50 pm / Introduction to the open rehearsal by Thea Derks with composers Carola Bauckholt and Christina Kubisch
12:50 to 1:30 pm / Open rehearsal by the Nieuw Ensemble

Concert on February 9

7:15 pm / Introduction
Introduction by the artistic director of the Nieuw Ensemble, Joel Bons

8:15 pm / Concert
Carola Bauckholt: Treibstoff
Christina Kubisch: Seven Magnetic Places (world premiere)
Carola Bauckholt: Laufwerk
Christina Kubisch: Wien Landstraße (world premiere)
Carola Bauckholt: Point of Presence (world premiere)

The three world premieres were written for Nieuw Ensemble, commissioned by Muziekgebouw and realized with the support of Ammodo.

Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ
Piet Heinkade 1
1019 BR Amsterdam

Artist Talk, Performance + Electrical Walks Vancouver

September 7 to 9, 2016

as part of
Destroy Vancouver XVIII

Artist Talk | Christina Kubisch 
Wednesday September 7, 2016 at 7 pm

Concert | Adriana Lopez, Christina Kubisch, Friends+War, Katharina Ernst, hazy, minimal violence
Thursday September 8, 2016, 9 pm – 2 am

Electrical Walks Vancouver | Christina Kubisch
Friday September 9, 2016 (2 pm, 4 pm,7 pm)

VIVO Media Arts Centre
2625 Kaslo Street
Vancouver, BC

Electrical Walks Ystad

September 3 to November 13, 2016
Opening: Saturday, September 3, at 12 am

as part of
Trekking in Time

Participating artists:
Marina Abramovic / Ulay
Kerstin Ergenzinger
Hamish Fulton
Bridget Jonsson
Christina Kubisch
Juha Pekka Matias Laakkonen
Richard Long
Tisha Mukarji
Hrafnkell Sigurðsson
Fredrik Strid

Ystads konstmuseum
St Knuts torg 
271 80 Ystad

Vernissagekort Trekking in Time.pdf


August 25 to September 28, 2016
sound installation for a courtyard

Opening: Wednesday, August 24, 2016, 5 pm

Museum Lindwurm
Unterstadt 18
8260 Stein am Rhein


Electrical Walks Stein am Rhein
An electromagnetic city walk with Christina Kubisch

as part of
Museumsnacht Hegau – Schaffhausen

Saturday, September 17, 2016
7 pm and 8 pm
meeting point: Künstlerresidenz Chretzeturm

Flyer Brunnenlieder Christina Kubisch.pdf

Karl-Sczuka-Preis 2016 goes to Christina Kubisch, Peter Kutin and Florian Kindlinger

21 July 2016

Der Karl-Sczuka-Preis für Hörspiel als Radiokunst 2016 geht an die Klangkünstlerin Christina Kubisch, den österreichischen Komponisten und Produzenten Peter Kutin und den österreichischen Musiker und Tontechniker Florian Kindlinger für ihr Hörwerk Desert Bloom. Die Auszeichnung ist mit einem Preisgeld von 12.500,- Euro verbunden. Die Auftragskomposition für den WDR wurde am 13.11.2015 im „Studio Akustische Kunst“ urgesendet.

Die Jurybegründung:
Mit „Desert Bloom“ unternehmen Peter Kutin und Florian Kindlinger gemeinsam mit der Klangkünstlerin Christina Kubisch eine Expedition auf die akustische Rückseite der Wüstenstadt Las Vegas. Jenseits seiner glitzernden Oberfläche besteht das Zentrum des Entertainments aus einem extrem dichten Netz elektromagnetischer Wellen, die, als unablässiges Flimmern und Pochen hörbar gemacht, das Ausgangsmaterial eines faszinierenden Audioporträts einer Megacity zwischen Erzählung und Soundscape, Dokumentation und experimenteller Erkundung neuer Hörwelten bildet.

Der international renommierte Karl-Sczuka-Preis wird jährlich an die „beste Produktion eines Hörwerks, das in akustischen Spielformen musikalische Materialien und Strukturen benutzt“, verliehen. In diesem Jahr wurden 70 Wettbewerbsbeiträge von 100 Bewerberinnen und Bewerbern aus 19 Ländern eingereicht. Über die Zuerkennung der Preise hat am Donnerstag, 21. Juli, in Baden-Baden eine unabhängige Jury unter Vorsitz der ehemaligen Kulturstaatsministerin Christina Weiss entschieden, der weiterhin Margarete Zander, Helmut Oehring, Marcel Beyer und Michael Grote angehörten. Die Preisverleihung findet am 15. Oktober als öffentliche Veranstaltung im Rahmen der Donaueschinger Musiktage 2016 statt.

Der Karl-Sczuka-Preis ist nach dem Hauskomponisten der SWF-Gründerjahre benannt und wurde erstmals 1955 vergeben.


Voices of Memory

30 June till 30 September 2016

A Riverside Sound Art Installation
by Christina Kubisch

Irish National War Memorial Gardens
Dublin, Ireland

Voices of Memory
A Riverside Sound Art Installation at the Irish National War Memorial Gardens is a contemporary remembrance of the more than 49,000 Irish people who died in the First World War. In 1923, these names were published in Ireland’s Memorial Records 1914-1918. Consisting of eight volumes, these records, beautifully designed and illustrated by Irish artist Harry Clarke, are housed nearby in the Irish National War Memorial Gardens.

Almost the entire list of these names was read by volunteers of different ages and accents from across Ireland.  The sound installation is based on the flow of these male and female voices playing over the banks of the river. The names are heard in alphabetical order, and every name, even when repeated, corresponds to a different person. The composer has not intervened much in the recordings other than to vary the density, rhythm and flow of names in this four channel installation. Along with small breaks of silence, the composition includes sounds of underwater recordings made in the Liffey; the rhythm of the passing rowing boats, the hidden natural world of small insects and animals, and the flow of water itself.

The installation will be open to the public in the Irish National War Memorial Gardens on the southern banks of the Liffey from 30 June till 30 September 2016. It will be inaugurated on the 29 June 2016 on the occasion of the centenary of the Battle of the Somme.

Concept: Christina Kubisch
Sound engineering: Eckehard Güther
Voice recordings: Fergus Kelly
Technical direction: Dipl. Ing. Manfred Fox

Project management:
Ruairí Ó Cuív, DCC arts manager, Curator
Dr. Thomas Lier, Goethe-Institut Irland

Project assistance:
Olivia Laumenech, Dublin City Council
Kate McBride, Dublin City Council
Barbara Ebert, Goethe-Institut Irland
Heidrun Rottke, Goethe-Institut Irland
Franziska Hülshoff, Project Coordination and Project Website
Anna Labudde, Project Development Support

Special thanks to Mechtild Manus, former director of the Goethe-Institut Irland


Electrical Walks Lagos

June 23 to 25, 2016

As part of:
lagos_live festival
organized by Goethe-Institut Nigeria
Christina Kubisch’s Electrical Walks enable a new experience of the city, one that uncovers Lagos hidden electromagnetic phenomena. Armed with a special headphone that amplifies the perceptibility of electrical currents and a map marked with localelectromagnetic  landmarks, visitors are offered an auditory adventure that shifts perception of everyday reality by giving substance to invisible wavelengths and charges.
Electrical Walks Lagos is Nr. 58 in the series and the first Electrical Walk in Africa.

Flyer for Electrical Walks Lagos.pdf

Radio Piece: Desert Bloom

November 13, 2015
WDR 3 open: Studio Akustische Kunst

Desert Bloom
By Florian Kindlinger, Christina Kubisch and Peter Kutin

"Desert Bloom" translates the electro-magnetic fields of Las Vegas
into sound and besides questions the concept of the enigmatic desert city.

Realization: the authors
Production: WDR 2015
Editor: Markus Heuger

The piece is available for download at the link stated below.


October 31 to December 12, 2015
Opening Reception: Saturday, October 31, 18-21h

Sound sculptures and drawings from the series Dirty Electronics (1975-80) 

Rumpsti Pumsti (Musik)
Am Treptower Park 17
Berlin 12437
Open: Thursday & Friday 15-20h
Saturday 13-18h & by appointment

Vibrations is the title of a series of works from the 70s for classical instruments and vibrators. Already in the preceding performance series Emergency Solos Christina Kubisch with feminist irony had included items such as condoms, rubber sausages etc. in her flute pieces. 1975 she created the first concepts for pieces with vibrators. From 1976 to 1980, under the title Vibrations, she developed both a series of musical works (a string quartet, pieces for cello) as well as sound objects, video performances and installations.

Many of these works have been rarely shown, some of them not at all yet. The exhibition presents sound objects, drawings, photographs and an edition.

On the occasion of the exhibition an LP record multiple will be published containing two compositions from the 70s and an original drawing in an edition of 15 numbered and signed copies plus 5 artist's proofs.

Hidden From View

May 30 to July 31, 2015
opening: Friday May 29, 2015, 7 pm

solo show

Galerie Mario Mazzoli
Potsdamer Strasse 132
10783 Berlin


Radio piece: Remote Future Control Access

from February 27, 2015

Produced for Skálar FM, commissioned by The Creative Audio Unit of ABC Radio National, Australia for their radio art program Soundproof.

From this Friday February 27th, 2015, listen on air, online or download Remote Future Control Access - which is the third episode in The Remote Series.

The Remote Series, curated by Anna Friz and Konrad Korabiewski, consist of five programmes created by internationally acclaimed artists working with sound. Each is asked to consider an aspect of the idea of 'remoteness', or the experience of distance. 

Christina Kubisch was investigating electrical fields already in the 1970s, and used a simple telephone amplifier with incorporated small coils to listen to the sounds in her installations. She then developed specially-built headphones that receive electromagnetic signals from the environment and convert them into sound using the same process of electro-magnetic induction. With these headphones, she later developed a series of Electrical Walks, which allow users to listen to the usually hidden sounds generated by electromagnetic fields that surround us in urban settings.
On a visit to the Nikola Tesla Museum in Kosice, Slovakia in 2012, Kubisch listened with her custom headphones to the Tesla machines and was fascinated; she heard a thunderstorm of electromagnetic noise, and was inspired to create a piece about electrical remoteness. Today we almost forget that digital communication is not only based on invisible wireless transfer using electromagnetic waves, but includes extensive material infrastructure. Tesla wanted to reach the most remote places of the earth with electrical energy. But nothing is remote anymore.

In Remote Future Control Access, Kubisch recorded and composed with electromagnetic signals which change gradually from the sounds of analogue machines to contemporary fields of urban lighting infrastructure, security systems, power lines, banks, subways, airports, power stations, and finally to the electrical signals of digital communication. From the sound of magnetic fields recorded in an old Austrian train station, to active Tesla devices, the composition ends with the sounds of a luminous advertising hoarding, recorded in 2015 in a new shopping centre in Las Vegas.

Electrical Walks Vienna

12 and 13 December 2014

as part of
Festival for postspeculative culture
hosted by God's Entertainment & Tomas Zierhofer-Kin

Währingerstr. 59.
1090 Vienna

audio-visual installation: Under Ground

2 to 30 November 2014

as part of the festival „NOW!“
on the theme „Parallel Worlds“

Opening: Sunday, November 2, 12 am

Zeche Zollverein
Areal A [Schacht XII], Halle 8 [A8] 
Gelsenkirchener Straße 181 
45309 Essen

Documentary film: What We Don't See

23 to 26 October 2014

A documentary by Anna Katharina Wohlgenannt
Austria 2014

with the participation of Christina Kubisch

First screening at the 48th Hof International Filmfestival

Thu, 23 Oct 2014 | 16.00 Uhr | Club
Fri, 25 Oct 2014 | 13.15 Uhr | City
Sat, 26 Oct 2014 | 17.30 Uhr | Club

Rapunzel & Co.

April 6 to September 31, 2014
Von Türmen und Menschen in der Kunst

Arp Museum Bahnhof Rolandseck
Hans-Arp-Allee 1
53424 Remagen


Radio piece: Vasenresonanz

March 29, 2014, 23:05 pm

hr2-kultur | The Artist's Corner | first broadcast
Christina Kubisch: Vasenresonanz

Broadcast: Mein Darmstadt

January 16, 2014, 9.30 pm

Christina Kubisch: Mein Darmstadt

An MP3 version of the piece is available for download at the link below.

Mosaïque Mosaic

November 15, 2013
New CD on Gruenrekorder

RHEINKLÄNGE (fluid landscapes)

October 26, 2013 to December 31, 2014

Two-part sound installation on the banks of the Rhine

Opening: Friday, 25 October 2013, 5 - 7 p.m.
On the left bank of the Rhine: at the former Bundesanleger 
(near the "Langer Eugen" building)

We may offer you a shuttle-transport to part II of the installation on the other bank side!

RHEINKLÄNGE, city sound artist bonn 2013  Christina Kubisch’s sound installation, is the final project in her residency on the topic of sound art and landscape in the city. The starting point for her two-part piece for bonn hoeren is the discrepancy between the visual and acoustic perceptions of the Rhine: on the one hand the idyllic view of the Rhine landscape, and the river’s noisy crossings and boat traffic routes on the other. 
RHEINKLÄNGE combines both sides of the river, above as well as under water.
On the right Beuel bank, composed sounds amplify and transform the resonance space under the Südbrücke. Two sound worlds coincide here: sounds that are already present and altered by the bridge itself, and added, almost romantic sounds that occur, only to disappear again.
On the opposite bank of the Rhine, next to the Bundeshaus boat landing station, hydrophones carry out a live transmission of the underwater sounds of the river. Suddenly, like an echo, sounds emerge here that are similar to the ones occurring in the installation on the other bank, only to disappear again. 
The ear and the eye encounter unfamiliar connections which alter and expand the perception of the landscape.

Like all of the sound installations by Bonn’s previous city sound artists, RHEINKLÄNGE will remain on display in Bonn for at least one year.

The bonn hoeren topic this year is "Klangkunst und Landschaft", and for the fourth time offers a renowned sound artist the possibility of pursuing an artistic research project in the city for half a year.

Locations of the sound installation:
I On the left bank of the Rhine: at the former Bundeshaus boat landing station, (near the "Langer Eugen" building)
II On the right bank of the Rhine: under the Konrad-Adenauer-Brücke, (Südbrücke), Beuel-Ramersdorf

Hours of operation: daily, to 31.12.2014 from sunrise to sunset

Technical realisation: Markus Oppenländer, Eckehard Güther 
Technical advice: Manfred Fox 
Curator and project manager of bonn hoeren: Carsten Seiffarth

The installation is part of the bonn hoeren project by the Beethovenstiftung für Kunst und Kultur der Bundesstadt Bonn. 
With the kind support of the city of Bonn, and Schiffahrt Schmitz GmbH Bonn

Zwölf Klänge und ein Innenhof

July 13 to August 2, 2013

Sound installation
in the cloister yard of
St. Remigius, Brüdergasse 8, Bonn, Germany

9 am to 6 pm daily

opening: Friday, 12 July 2013, 5 pm

Zwölf Klänge und ein Innenhof (1994/2013) is 2013 Bonn city sound artist Christina Kubisch’s first work during her residency in the city. The installation, which Kubisch has positioned in the quiet inner courtyard of the St. Remigius church cloister, follows nature’s rhythms and orientates itself on the different times of the day, light and shadow and the weather. Kubisch has been experimenting with the transformation of solar energy into sound since the 1990s. Energy is fed into control modules that are connected to loudspeakers. Depending on the intensity of the light, these modules generate different kinds of sounds that constantly change. Sometimes they sound like birds, sometimes like insects: light becomes audible. nature and technology become united.

Technical assistence: Ecki Güther, Markus Oppenländer